How To Prevent Shower Curtain From Getting Mould?

Prevent Shower Curtain

If you have a shower curtain, you may have seen those ugly black spots on it and wonder how did they get there? That’s mould which is not only ugly, but also dangerous to health. You and your family can get an allergy from it. Thus, it is necessary to clean mouldy curtain.

If you are using a shower curtain, the first thing you should do is, try to prevent your curtain from getting mould on it and becoming a mouldy shower curtain. Here are the top 3 tried and tested tips to prevent shower curtain from getting mould on it.

3 Tested Tips to Prevent Shower Curtain from Getting Mould

1. Choose The Right Category Of Shower Curtain

Generally, we buy curtains based on their exterior. Of course, we check fabric, but we also need to check that whether the curtain is PEVA or not. Do not buy a PVC shower curtain. Always look for the recommended kind of curtain.

2. Take Away Extra Things

All shower curtains are available in one size fits all. It means generally, shower curtains come in a large size. Thus, the first thing you need to do is cut the additional folds from the curtains. The mouldy curtain is actually a byproduct of water that accumulates in the curtain. Removing additional folds will also help in reducing water accumulation in it to prevent mould from the first place. Your shower curtain will also have multiple hooks on it. If you do not need all of them, feel free to remove them.

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3. Wash It Regularly

It is not necessary to wait until your curtain becomes a mouldy curtain and then get your gears up to clean it. You should do shower curtain cleaning on a regular basis. You can take detergent or soapy liquid to wash the curtain. Use settings on your machine to keep washing at low spins and lower energy otherwise the wrinkles on your curtain will be increased. Yes, you can also wash a plastic curtain and use it again. The plastic curtain will get a lot of wrinkles on it. Thus, it is advisable to use a shower curtain that is made of fabric and is washable for your shower.

If you already have a mouldy curtain then you need to remove that. Here is an effective tip for shower curtain cleaning to remove the mould:

Use White Vinegar On Mouldy Curtain

Put distilled white vinegar in a spray bottle and sprinkle the spray on the areas of the curtain that has mould. Let it sit for a while and then wash that area to remove the moulds with water.

Even after cleaning, you cannot get rid of the mould, call the professionals for shower curtain cleaning.

Toms Curtain Cleaning Melbourne can remove mould and can make it look like a brand new one. Call on 1300 068 194 for more details.

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