Can Curtains Be Cleaned While Hanging?

Curtains are an essential part of home decor, adding style and functionality to any room. They provide privacy, control light, and enhance the overall aesthetic of a space. However, curtains can accumulate dust, dirt, and stains over time, which can affect their appearance and cleanliness. Cleaning curtains regularly is essential to maintain their beauty and […]


Cleaning and Care of Light-Coloured Curtains at Home

Curtain cleaning at home itself is an important job and cleaning curtains of light-coloured is a tough job. To clean the light-coloured curtains, you need to be more cautious and precautious. Usually, it is recommended to use a professional curtain cleaning service in Melbourne as it saves time and efforts and also gives excellent results. […]


How to Maintain Fabric Curtains

From controlling natural light paving a way into your house to giving artistic appeal to your house; the curtains are an important part of the interior. Therefore, people are inclined to buy expensive curtains. These curtains demand maintenance to keep giving the benefits you expect from them. One of the unavoidable things to maintain curtain […]


How to Clean Venetian Blinds Australia

Venetian blinds are beautiful in all types. Having them in your house is definitely a pleasure, but Venetian blinds cleaning might not be a pleasure as it is often painful. Of course, there is an option of using professional Venetian Blinds Cleaning Melbourne services. Alternatively, you must know the cleaning methods to clean Venetian blinds painlessly. […]


Most Popular Types of Curtains in Australia

There are several types of curtains available in the market, which can increase the appearance of your house to make it more elegant. There are some which can fit anywhere and some can look appealing only in certain rooms. Learn about the different curtain types and some vital facts related to them to choose the […]


Tips To Clean Your House In Less Than 30 Minutes

If thoughts of house cleaning haunt you, fret not. Invest just 30 minutes a day and keep your house spotless. It not only lets you breathe the clean air of relief but also can welcome guests anytime at your home without any heavy work to cleaning the house. How To Clean Your House In Less […]


4 Types of Helpful Curtain Cleaning Techniques

Curtains play an important role in the interior of a room. It can make the ambience soothing and cool or happening and vibrant. Often, curtains not only complete the interior, but they also define the mood of the people who spend time in that room. To keep the curtains beautiful and long-lasting, you have to […]


What should I do to remove oil stains from drapes?

Drapes easily catch oil stains from the motor or greasy foods. We all know oil stains are stubborn and you need to know how to remove oil stains successfully. Immature attempts of removing those stains may tear your drapes. If you have very old drapes or the stains are there for long, then you better invest in […]


How To Prevent Shower Curtain From Getting Mould?

If you have a shower curtain, you may have seen those ugly black spots on it and wonder how did they get there? That’s mould which is not only ugly, but also dangerous to health. You and your family can get an allergy from it. Thus, it is necessary to clean mouldy curtain. If you […]


5 Facts About Sheer Curtains That You Should Know

Sheer curtains are trendy and classy. It adds an extra layer of style and lighting shades by covering windows and doors. Unlike other curtain types, these curtains are not used to stop the natural light coming in; it is used to add an instant infusion into the interior of the house. Because of its unique […]

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