Curtain Cleaning Melourne

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Toms Curtain Cleaning Melbourne expert were well versed with the latest technology & environment friendly cleaning methods, which transforms your surroundings.


Cost Effective Pricing

Competitive prices with services tailor-made to suit all your cleaning needs. You get more than what you pay for.


Easy Same Day Bookings

Book in Advance or Book on the same day, we will be there as promised. Reach us through a quick phone call.


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Tom’s Cleaning services in Melbourne is available all round the clock. Your convenience is our priority.

Curtain Cleaning Melbourne

Curtain Cleaning Melbourne

Toms Curtain Cleaning experts understand that window treatment can beautify your home or office. We have years of experience in curtain cleaning services. Toms Curtain Cleaning Melbourne specializes in cleaning and protecting your drapery or curtain. The method required for your curtain and blind cleaning depends on the type of fabric and any stains present. Also, windows located near a high traffic area or near smokers collect soot and odors much faster than others.

The curtain and drapery cleaning experts at Toms will leave your curtains brighter, softer, and dust-free. Toms Curtain Cleaning Melbourne and drapery cleaning experts will leave your window treatments smelling fresh and looking new again.  We also provide rubber backed curtain cleaning.

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Curtain Cleaning Price List

Curtain Cleaning Type Price
Curtain Cleaning $12 (per sq metre drop)
Drapes Cleaning $18 (per sq metre drop)

Toms Curtain Cleaning Melbourne provide Blind cleaning, Vertical Cleaning, and any kind of shades. We are NADCA, and AHO certified cleaners. We stand out from the rest because we give tailored advice for every client. For instance, we would you choose weather curtain steam cleaning is better for you or Curtain Dry Cleaning.

Why Choose Toms Curtain Cleaning Solutions

We are in service for years and our customers have loved us throughout.

Here’s why you too could choose to be our customer.

  • We provide same day service
  • On-site services
  • 24*7 services available
  • Tailored for your cleaning methods
  • Curtain Sanitizing and deodorizing also included
  • 100% Eco-friendly
  • No extra charges or hidden surprises
  • Best after service support
Curtain Cleaning Service
Drapery Cleaning

Why Professional Drapery Cleaning Is Important?

Your curtains and drapery save your house and furniture from outside dust and allergens. The curtain and drapery cleaning service experts will leave your curtains brighter, softer, and dust free.

Our cleaning and drapery cleaning experts will leave your window treatments smelling fresh and looking new again.


What To Expect From Toms Curtain Cleaners?

You don’t even have to move a finger while we get your curtains cleaned in the best way possible. We will see to the material of your curtain and the place at which it sits and gives a cleaning accordingly. You can stay certain about the state of your drapes and curtains after curtain or even blind cleaning service.

We are 100% eco-friendly and thus the products that cause or your family and pets no harm.

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Curtain Cleaning Service


Q: Are you a certified Curtain cleaners?

A: Yes, we have the following certifications: Health Certificate Award (AHO), Duct Cleaning Certificate(NADCA), Excellence Award(Clean Australia), Australian Owned (Australian registered)

Q: How Long Will It Take To Clean My Curtain?

A: We provide Same Day, Onsite Curtain Cleaning. We would get your entire house cleaned in a day and for one curtain we would need only few hours.

Q: Do you provide Eco Friendly Curtain Cleaning?

A: Yes, we do provide Eco Friendly Curtain Cleaning. Our 100% natural products will go easy on you and your environment.

Q: Can I choose the day your cleaners comes to my place?

A: Yes we provide on-site cleaning services according to your convenience.

Q: How Do We Contact Toms Curtain Cleaning Melbourne?

A: Email us at or Call us on 1300 068 194, we will be happy to serve you.



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