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Cleaning and Care of Light-Coloured Curtains at Home

Curtain cleaning at home itself is an important job and cleaning curtains of light-coloured is a tough job. To clean the light-coloured curtains, you need to be more cautious and precautious. Usually, it is recommended to use a professional curtain cleaning service in Melbourne as it saves time and efforts and also gives excellent results. […]


How to Maintain Fabric Curtains

From controlling natural light paving a way into your house to giving artistic appeal to your house; the curtains are an important part of the interior. Therefore, people are inclined to buy expensive curtains. These curtains demand maintenance to keep giving the benefits you expect from them. One of the unavoidable things to maintain curtain […]


Tips To Clean Your House In Less Than 30 Minutes

If thoughts of house cleaning haunt you, fret not. Invest just 30 minutes a day and keep your house spotless. It not only lets you breathe the clean air of relief but also can welcome guests anytime at your home without any heavy work to cleaning the house. How To Clean Your House In Less […]


4 Types of Helpful Curtain Cleaning Techniques

Curtains play an important role in the interior of a room. It can make the ambience soothing and cool or happening and vibrant. Often, curtains not only complete the interior, but they also define the mood of the people who spend time in that room. To keep the curtains beautiful and long-lasting, you have to […]


How To Prevent Shower Curtain From Getting Mould?

If you have a shower curtain, you may have seen those ugly black spots on it and wonder how did they get there? That’s mould which is not only ugly, but also dangerous to health. You and your family can get an allergy from it. Thus, it is necessary to clean mouldy curtain. If you […]


7 Best Steps to Clean Thermal Backed Curtains

Thermal curtains are in trend because of their dual benefits. In winters, the thermal curtains can keep the rooms warm by keeping the cold out. On the other hand, in summer, it keeps the heat of the sun and humid air outside. In a nutshell, the thermal backed curtains are perfect as an energy saver. […]


How Do You Remove Candle Wax From Curtains

One of the most difficult tasks in curtain cleaning is cleaning wax off from the surface of the curtains. Candles are used as accessories for decorative purposes. They are also used to give a rustic feel along with the light. Some candles absorb bad odour and give out the good smell. Mostly candles are put […]


How To Clean Rubber Backed Curtains In 5 Steps

Rubber backed curtains are the perfect insulation from the heat or cold outside. These curtains are backed by acrylic to prevent the heat loss during winters and keeping the warm air outside during summers. If you’re also a fan of these drapes then you must also know about how to take care of them properly. […]


How to Clean Curtains With Metal Rings?

Metal ring curtains look beautiful and are comparatively easier to install, however, when it comes to cleaning them, they are bulky and hence tough to handle. This article aims to provide you with some quick cleaning solutions for your metal ring curtains. Before planning to wash and clean curtains with metal rings, it is a […]


How To Clean Your Curtain Without Bringing Them Down

The hygiene of your curtains, verticals and shades are essential for your home sweet home’s environment. This is because they are the primary that filter the outside atmosphere and the indoor air. There are several ways to clean your curtain like curtain dry cleaning, curtain steam cleaning for a healthier air but it may get […]

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