5 DIY Hacks For Roman Blinds Cleaning

Roman Blinds Cleaning

Roman blinds give an eye-catching look to the windows as well as glass doors. Thus, many people use roman blinds in their bedrooms and living rooms. They usually get dirty faster than simple curtains and also need a different type of cleaning than the simple curtains. Thus, it is advisable to use available service of blind cleaning in Melbourne. To help you, this article shares a step by step guide of roman blinds cleaning.

Step By Step Guide Of Roman Blinds Cleaning

Step 1: Vacuum Cleaning

As the first step, please use the suction at the end of your vacuum cleaner to do the first phase cleaning. If you find it necessary, you can use the crevice attachment to clean blinds with folds.

Step 2: Clean The Spots

This step can be skipped if your roman blind is not made of fabric or doesn’t have any stains or spots. However, if it has some spots on it, take a wet cloth and detergent or stain cleaner. Rub the affected area with stain cleaner followed with the wet cloth to remove stains.

Step 3: Washing The Blinds

To clean roman blinds, it is advisable to wash them well. However, you must check the leaflet came with your roman blinds to check whether your roman blinds are washable or not. To begin the process, first take down the blinds; remove the removable pins and attachments from them. Use a mild detergent to wash the blinds. After washing it in the detergent, rinse it with clean water. Make sure the soapy water gets completely rinsed. After the cleaning process, hang it to get dry.

Step 4: Stem Cleaning

All popular bind cleaning Melbourne companies use this process to thoroughly clean the roman blinds. This process can be applied to both, washable and non-washable roman blinds. This process is important because it cleans the bacteria from the binds. Keep the stem nozzle close to the bind and clean it from upside down. Keep a healthy distance of 3 to 5 inch, depends on the material of the binds. It is better to use professional service or bind cleaning Melbourne company as they have experience with this type of cleaning.

Step 5: Wood Blind Cleaning

The process of wood blind cleaning is a little different. First, use a vacuum cleaner to clean the blinds. Make sure you use wood only cleaners. Make sure you read the leaflet to see the best practices to follow while cleaning it. One by one clean both sides of the bind.

These are the 5 steps to clean roman blinds.

Sounds too much of the work? Fret not. Simply call Toms Curtain Cleaning Melbourne to clean your Roman blinds, carpet cleaning or any upholstery cleaning. You just relax and experts will do the cleaning.


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