4 Types of Helpful Curtain Cleaning Techniques

Curtain Maintenance

Curtains play an important role in the interior of a room. It can make the ambience soothing and cool or happening and vibrant. Often, curtains not only complete the interior, but they also define the mood of the people who spend time in that room. To keep the curtains beautiful and long-lasting, you have to regularly perform curtain cleaning and maintenance. In this article, I will share 4 different ways to help you in the process of curtain maintenance with some useful curtain cleaning tips.

4 Types of Curtain Cleaning Techniques and Curtain Maintenance

1. Cleaning with a Vacuum Cleaner

This method is perfect for regular curtain cleaning. It will make sure your curtain does not pile up dust on it. It is ideal to keep the outer layer of the curtain clean.

2. Curtain Cleaning in a Washing Machine

Vacuuming will remove dust and dirt from the outer layer, but it cannot clean the curtain thoroughly. One of the parts of the curtain maintenance routine is keeping it completely clean and for that, you need to wash it. Be careful about choosing the right program to clean the curtain in the machine without hurting its quality and fabric. Also, use the cleaning agent which is recommended by the manufacturer to the fabric type.

3. Wash Curtains by Hands

Washing curtains by hands or not is perfectly your choice. You can choose to do so if you are comfortable or you can take the help of laundry which offers washing by hand services. Generally, hand wash makes sure that all the precautions are followed to keep curtains safe from wear and tear. In certain fabrics, hand washing also increases the life of the curtain and makes the curtain maintenance simplified. In fact, there are some types of fabric and curtains which have to be washed by hands only and they cannot be washed in a washing machine such as roman blinds. Here again, use the cleaning powder or liquid which is suitable for your fabric.

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4. Steam Cleaning

One of the best curtain cleaning techniques is steam cleaning. It not only cleans it but it also disinfects the same to add hygiene. This is the reason one of the most viral curtain cleaning tips is steam clean your curtain regularly. The gap between two steam cleaning services varies based on many factors such as fabric, colour, dust sources, etc. Steam curtain cleaning is tricky. It uses high-temperature steam to clean the fabric roots and disinfect it. As mentioned, it is not too straightforward so if you are thinking to do it on your own, be very careful. The best option is calling a professional company to steam clean the curtain. They will have the required expertise, experience, and tools to clean the curtain successfully with steam.

For curtain maintenance, regular cleaning is very much important. You should also invest in professional curtain cleaning services on a regular interval to sanitize the curtain along with the cleaning.

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