How to Maintain Fabric Curtains

fabric curtain cleaning

From controlling natural light paving a way into your house to giving artistic appeal to your house; the curtains are an important part of the interior. Therefore, people are inclined to buy expensive curtains. These curtains demand maintenance to keep giving the benefits you expect from them. One of the unavoidable things to maintain curtain is effective and regular curtain cleaning. Different types of curtains need different curtain cleaning methods.

Follow this curtain cleaning in Melbourne guide to clean your fabric curtains thoroughly:

  • Remove your fabric curtain from the nooks
  • To remove extra dust particles and free dirt, you need to shake the curtain. To protect other things such as carpet, mattress, upholstered furniture, etc. from accumulating this loose dirt, shake it outside your home.
  • Check the warning to assure you can perform vacuum cleaning for your fabric curtain. If it is permitted, proceed with the curtain cleaning by laying the curtain on the mattress and then vacuuming it.
  • Now, wash it gently with your hand if its fabric is not machine friendly. If you can wash it in the machine, then use the right program, according to the type of fabric of the curtain. In both cases, use mild and fabric friendly curtain cleaning detergent powder or liquid.
  • Once the washing part is finished, you need to assure it dries out completely. Do not put it on the roof floor or any surface from which it may catch stains. Use the parallel lines you use to dry routine clothes.

The curtain cleaning process is completed. Now, it is time to restore it in a normal appearance. For that, follow the below mentioned steps:

  • Once it is 90% dry, it is time to iron it. Put the curtain upside down while ironing. If the fabric is too thin, you can put butter paper on the curtain to iron it safely.
  • Make sure to choose the right heat to iron the curtain.
  • If curtain cleaning in Melbourne process left wrinkles on the curtain, then you can stretch it as needed while ironing.

This is it. You have completed the fabric curtains cleaning process and now it is time to hang the curtain back on its nooks.

Some Further Tips to Keep in Mind are as Below:

  • Always use the cleaning solution, which meets manufacturer guidelines.
  • If your washing machine has an easy iron option, make sure to choose that.
  • Make sure you do not use too hot water for curtain cleaning in Melbourne as it can fade its colour or damage the fabric.
  • At regular interval, take the help of the best company offering reliable curtain cleaning in Melbourne. It is necessary because they will not only clean the curtain thoroughly but also restore the original beauty of the curtain. Moreover, the best companies also use chemical-free curtain cleaning solutions to make sure in any way the fabric is not hampered.

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