Cleaning and Care of Light-Coloured Curtains at Home

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Curtain cleaning at home itself is an important job and cleaning curtains of light-coloured is a tough job. To clean the light-coloured curtains, you need to be more cautious and precautious. Usually, it is recommended to use a professional curtain cleaning service in Melbourne as it saves time and efforts and also gives excellent results. Still, if you want to clean it at home, in this blog post, we will share Curtain Cleaning Melbourne guide with essential tips to clean light-coloured curtains.

1. Cleaning in the Machine

• If you are regularly cleaning the curtains, you can use a washing machine.
• For light-coloured curtains and similar garments, machines often have a specific cleaning program. Therefore, you must choose the right curtain cleaning program. Also, use easy iron option, so at the end of the machine cleaning, you do not need to handle wrinkles
• While using the cleaning solution, you must use liquid detergent which is not harsh on the fabric or cause decolouration.

2. Stain Cleaning

• Stains of coffee, ink, etc. are common on curtains. Removing these stains from light-coloured curtains can be a tough job as you cannot rub the stains.
• You can first clean light-coloured curtains in the washing machine. If stains are still there, you will need to perform stain curtain cleaning Melbourne to remove the stains.
• Never use chemical-based stain cleaning solution as it can hamper the quality and colour of this kind of curtains. Therefore, use fabric-friendly and eco-friendly cleaning solutions for the curtains.
• While attempting to remove stains, be careful and gentle to ensure you do not rip the curtain or rub it hard, which may hamper the appearance of the stained area.

3. Safe Cleaning

If your washing machine does not have an option to clean the light-coloured curtains or if you prefer curtain cleaning by yourself, you need to follow these tips:
• Mix chemical-free detergent in hot water and mix it well.
• Soak the curtains before curtain cleaning Melbourne so it can work well on the dirt and dust. Hot water will remove pollutants from the curtain.
• After a few hours, you can gently clean the curtain. You need to make sure the detergent is completely removed at the end of the curtain cleaning process.

4. Routine Cleaning

Other than washing light-coloured curtains, it is necessary to clean them in a routine, so dust, dirt, allergens, etc. do not accumulate on the curtains. For that vacuum cleaning will be sufficient. To ensure, you do not hamper the curtains, follow these tips:
• Vacuum both sides of the curtain with fabric attachment. You can also use a cloth duster or static duster attachment for cleaning.
• You vacuum cleaner needs to be on a low setting.

5. Professional Curtain Cleaning

Home curtain cleaning Melbourne cannot replace the need for professional curtain cleaning services from experts. At least once or twice in two years, you need professional services to clean the light-coloured curtains and to maintain them in good shape. If you have pets or kids, then the frequency of professional curtain cleaning needs to be increased.

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