How To Use Bleach To Clean Shower Curtain?

Bathroom Curtain cleaning is an important cleaning task, but it is a bit tricky. In this blog we will explain to you two methods by which you can clean shower curtain with bleach. Method 1: Clean Shower Curtain by Washing Machine Things Required Bleach (Liquid or Powder form) Laundry Detergent Large Bucket or Bowl Washing Machine […]


How To Choose The Right Blinds For Your Home

Blinds are a great addition to your homes to spruce up your rooms. You can choose different types of blinds for your home and choose them as per the colour of the walls, or any other type which you wish to add to your rooms. Believe it or not, blinds do add to the looks […]


How To Clean Rubber Backed Curtains In 5 Steps

Rubber backed curtains are the perfect insulation from the heat or cold outside. These curtains are backed by acrylic to prevent the heat loss during winters and keeping the warm air outside during summers. If you’re also a fan of these drapes then you must also know about how to take care of them properly. […]


How to Clean Curtains With Metal Rings?

Metal ring curtains look beautiful and are comparatively easier to install, however, when it comes to cleaning them, they are bulky and hence tough to handle. This article aims to provide you with some quick cleaning solutions for your metal ring curtains. Before planning to wash and clean curtains with metal rings, it is a […]


How to Clean Curtains Without Steam Cleaner?

Curtains are the keepers of your indoor air quality first hand. Whatever air comes into your household has to pass through your curtains most probably. If your curtains are dirty the air along with it might as well bring in a lot of dirt, dust and pollen. So their cleanliness is a must. But the […]


How To Clean Venetian Blinds At Home

The air passes through your venetian blinds daily with air dust, pollen, allergens, dirt, etc. But how often do we get venetian blind cleaning done? It is recommended by blind cleaning professionals that you get them cleaned once every month and dust them daily. You can call a professional to save time and get venetian blind […]


How To Clean Your Curtain Without Bringing Them Down

The hygiene of your curtains, verticals and shades are essential for your home sweet home’s environment. This is because they are the primary that filter the outside atmosphere and the indoor air. There are several ways to clean your curtain like curtain dry cleaning, curtain steam cleaning for a healthier air but it may get […]

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