Blind Cleaning

5 DIY Hacks For Roman Blinds Cleaning

Roman blinds give an eye-catching look to the windows as well as glass doors. Thus, many people use roman blinds in their bedrooms and living rooms. They usually get dirty faster than simple curtains and also need a different type of cleaning than the simple curtains. Thus, it is advisable to use available service of […]


Easy Ways To Clean Blinds If You Do Not Have A Bathtub

Blind Cleaning is tricky if you are not calling a professional and choosing to do it all on your own. Generally, people remove their blinds from the windows and put them in the bathtub to clean blinds. But what if you want to get your blinds cleaned and not have a bathtub at home? Read […]


How To Choose The Right Blinds For Your Home

Blinds are a great addition to your homes to spruce up your rooms. You can choose different types of blinds for your home and choose them as per the colour of the walls, or any other type which you wish to add to your rooms. Believe it or not, blinds do add to the looks […]


In 7 Easy Steps Clean Your Blinds With Vinegar

We all faced a situation where we cannot clean window blinds on our own. If you are searching for blind cleaning service provider in your area then Toms Curtain Cleaning Services is the stop for you. Ask for their blind cleaning Melbourne service to clean your blinds. In the meanwhile, one should always take proper […]


How To Clean Venetian Blinds At Home

The air passes through your venetian blinds daily with air dust, pollen, allergens, dirt, etc. But how often do we get venetian blind cleaning done? It is recommended by blind cleaning professionals that you get them cleaned once every month and dust them daily. You can call a professional to save time and get venetian blind […]


DIY Vertical Blind Cleaning

Your vertical blinds need to be regularly cleaned to keep them in top-notch condition. Alongside weekly vacuuming from top to bottom with your vacuum cleaner you ideally should wash your curtains every few years, to get perfectly clean fabric blinds, regardless the fabric they are made up of. Vertical Blind Cleaning is more important than […]

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