Curtain Steam Cleaning

What Are The Best Tips for Cleaning Lace Curtains?

Cleaning Lace curtains might sound quite easy at first for the reason that people often mistake its cleaning with regular cloth cleaning without worrying about the fabric. For a fact, cleaning your curtains as well as drapes need careful cleaning. Since the window curtains serve a lot of protection for your home furnishing as well […]


How to Clean Curtains Without Steam Cleaner?

Curtains are the keepers of your indoor air quality first hand. Whatever air comes into your household has to pass through your curtains most probably. If your curtains are dirty the air along with it might as well bring in a lot of dirt, dust and pollen. So their cleanliness is a must. But the […]


How To Clean Your Curtain Without Bringing Them Down

The hygiene of your curtains, verticals and shades are essential for your home sweet home’s environment. This is because they are the primary that filter the outside atmosphere and the indoor air. There are several ways to clean your curtain like curtain dry cleaning, curtain steam cleaning for a healthier air but it may get […]


DIY Curtain Steam Cleaning Hacks

So these flowery, vibrant coloured drapes have turned pastel. They have turned dull pastel having keeping you from infection inducing dust and irritable harsh sunlight. And, what do you do for these fellas and their long faces? If we were to talk about the majority of the populace, the answer would be – NOTHING! Yes, […]

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