How to Clean Curtains With Metal Rings?

Clean Curtains With Metal Rings

Metal ring curtains look beautiful and are comparatively easier to install, however, when it comes to cleaning them, they are bulky and hence tough to handle. This article aims to provide you with some quick cleaning solutions for your metal ring curtains. Before planning to wash and clean curtains with metal rings, it is a wiser idea to check for:

Manufacturers instructions about the handling of curtain cloth and washing them

The condition of your curtains. It is generally a better idea to replace the curtains if they are in a damaged or rugged condition.

How to Clean Curtains With Metal Rings?

1. Cleaning with Washing Machine:

Lightweight curtains are best suited to be cleaned using washing machines as they do not retain much water and can be rinsed easily. However, take care of your curtain material while deciding about washing machine cleaning. The soft cotton material may shrink when washed with hot water. If there is any risk of shrinking, prefer to hand wash them.

2. Hand-Washing the Curtains:

Though hand-washing is a little tiring and time consuming but for the delicate curtains, it is always the best idea. You can use any detergent to get rid of those stubborn stains sticking to the curtains.

3. Heavy Curtain Cleaning:

Heavy curtains need to wash only with hands and not washing machines. These curtains can retain a lot of water an result in damaging your washing machines and you surely don’t want this to happen. So, clean your heavy curtains with hands in bathtubs, rather add a fabric softener to make cleaning easier.

4. Cleaning Curtain Rods And Rings:

Not just the curtains but the rods and metal rings are also to be cleaned. These metals may get rusted over time and give a shabby appearance to your beautiful home. Use mild vinegar cleaners to clean the rusted metal rings and the rod.

5. Steam Cleaning:

It is a very good option for a thorough cleaning, especially with the heavy curtains. However, you may need professionals to do it on your behalf and may cost you several bucks to get the curtains cleaned. Multiple curtain steam cleaning service providers are available in Melbourne and so you can choose the best deal to meet your demands.

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