7 Best Steps to Clean Thermal Backed Curtains

Clean Thermal Backed Curtains

Thermal curtains are in trend because of their dual benefits. In winters, the thermal curtains can keep the rooms warm by keeping the cold out. On the other hand, in summer, it keeps the heat of the sun and humid air outside. In a nutshell, the thermal backed curtains are perfect as an energy saver. As one uses this type of curtain, they must know the best practices of the thermal backed curtain cleaning to make it cleaner and extend the beauty and the life of this type of curtain. In this article, we are sharing a stepwise guide on the thermal backed curtain cleaning. Just 7 simple steps and get your thermal backed curtain looks like the brand new one.

7 Best Steps to Clean Thermal Backed Curtains

1. Use Vacuum Cleaner To Clean Dust

To clean the dust from the surface, use a vacuum cleaner. It can help to clean dust from the front and back of the curtain. You must do it once a week. If you are very busy, please do perform curtain cleaning once in 15 days at least with the vacuum cleaner.

2. Remove Curtain From The Hooks

To wash the thermal backed curtains, first, remove them from the hooks and remove the cloth of the curtain from any hardware attached to it.

3. Mix Water And Mild Detergent Powder

In a bucket, pour warm water. The water should be enough to sock the whole curtain. Add the mild detergent powder in the water and mix it well.

4. Place Thermal Backed Curtain Into Water

Place the thermal backed curtain into this water. Let it sit for an hour or two at least.

5. Squeeze And Release Curtain  Fabric 

Now, for the best curtain cleaning, agitate the thermal backed curtain by gentle hands, squeeze and release the curtain fabric lightly. Please make sure that you don’t bunch or twist the curtain; doing so will pull the backing from the front of the curtain. Be gentle.

6. Rinse Curtain In Clean Water

Once done, make bucket empty and pour it with clean water. Rinse the curtain in the clean water and repeat the process of removing and cleaning until all soapy water gets removed.

7. Dry The Thermal Backed Curtain

Once all soapy water is removed, hang the curtain or use the washing machine to dry the thermal backed curtain.

Once the curtain is dry, you can hang it back. The thermal backed curtain cleaning is the same as any normal curtain cleaning. The thing to be kept in mind is that during the cleaning process, one needs to be gentle.


Hope this guide helps you to keep your thermal backed curtains clean. Stay tuned to our blog.



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