How To Clean Your Curtain Without Bringing Them Down

Clean Your Curtain

The hygiene of your curtains, verticals and shades are essential for your home sweet home’s environment. This is because they are the primary that filter the outside atmosphere and the indoor air. There are several ways to clean your curtain like curtain dry cleaning, curtain steam cleaning for a healthier air but it may get difficult for us to remove them and clean them, ergonomically speaking. Given under are the ways to clean your curtain, shades, verticals and drapes without having to take them off the walls.

7 Process To Clean Your Curtain

1. Quiver The Dirt Off

You could use a set of ladders make sure that someone is holding them steady for you, climb until you can reach to the top of your curtains, shake them hard from the top (somewhere near the pole or rod). This will make stubborn dust and dirt dislodge. Ask the person holding the ladder to clean the dust off the surrounding areas.

2. Keep Calm and Clean ‘em all

Certain types of verticals, curtain can attract dust and fabric fibers. The tiny bubble like dust/dirt percolations are commonly referred to as lint — which can stick to the fabric even after vacuuming. Use a lint roller or brush.

3. The Classic Move

A powerful vacuum cleaner should be all you need for your curtain cleaning. For the best results use a long attachment. However, choose a cleaning system that is lightweight and mobile. You might again need to use ladders to access the very top of your curtains. Vacuum regularly for the best results.

smell fresh and clean. To keep the surrounding areas fresh, place a bowl of baking powder and your favorite essential oil on the windowsill.

4. Hey Did You Forget The Windows?

Curtains often become nasty and stained when the windows they cover are not clean. Keep in mind that you’re not giving yourself an extra cleaning hours by not the window pane itself. Make sure that your window panes are clean of grime, dirt and grease.

5. Give Your Curtains Some Space

It is important to give your curtains lots of fresh air — both after cleaning and at regular intervals during the average week. Not only will this prevent unwanted odors, it will help to prevent the build-up of mold.

6. The Power Move

At times your curtains could be too greasy and also have unsightly stains. Then the classic move of a mere vacuum cleaner won’t be of any help. But rather than taking them down and cleaning them again and again, you can do curtain steam cleaning of your verticals. The tool to use? A powerful, handheld steam cleaner. Make sure to have an upholstery extension that can often dislodge dirt and stains from curtains with the least effort.

7. Breathe Better

This pointis is in continuation with the above point. A decent steam cleaner should be able to remove most unwanted odors from curtains. However, some unsightly stains may cause bad odour use deodorizer in spray form along with steam cleaner for the ideal experience.


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