Curtain Repair

Curtain Repair

Toms Curtain Repair provides wide range of curtain repair and curtain cleaning services. Call us now on 1300 068 194 for emergency service. At Toms Curtain Cleaning, we repair and wash many types of damaged curtains from mending tears to repairing broken curtain tracks.

We provide professional Curtain Repair services :

  • Curtain Pleating Tape Replacement
  • Curtain Torn/Tear : Small tears do happen with aging of materials and culmination of dust and dirt. At Tom’s Curtain Cleaning, we are able to do patching to cover up the tears and make the curtains usable once more.
  • Uneven Curtain Length Adjustment
  • Curtain Alteration
  • Curtain Velcro Replacement: Velcros are commonly used in roman blinds. However, with exposure to the natural elements, it will lose its stickiness. We are able to do a replacement of velcros to make it safe again for usage.

Our Curtain Repair Process

Step 1 : Assessment

If the damage is a small hole or tear it can be done on site. If the tear includes damage to post pockets or an original weld, the curtain should be sent to our authorized repair center for our best curtain repair.

Step 2 : Curtain Preparation

The curtain material must be cleaned on both sides of the damaged area. To avoid further damage, we recommend using denatured alcohol.

Step 3 : Prepare Patches

All patches should be installed on the inside of the curtain. The patch material should be cut to overlap the hole by at least 2-3 inches on all sides. Patches installed on the outside are vulnerable to wind flow while on the road and do not provide the desired cosmetic appearance.

Step 4 : Prepare to Patch

We use heat gun for coating on curtains.

Step 5 : Patching

Place the patch over the damaged area in the desired location.
Every member of Center Line is here to aid and assist you in any way possible. Should you have a question concerning this or any other item, please fill our Inquiry.

We are giving the best Curtain Repair services with 100% customer satisfaction

  • We are always punctual
  • Personalized Service
  • Well presented and friendly
  • Huge range of Quality fittings
  • Very clean and tidy
  • Installation by fully Experienced fitter
  • We never leave a mess
  • Qualified Expert advice

Curtain Cleaning services :

Our team of curtain cleaning specialists in can help you to thoroughly clean your curtains and drapes and make them look just like new.

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