Tips To Clean Your House In Less Than 30 Minutes

Clean Your House

If thoughts of house cleaning haunt you, fret not. Invest just 30 minutes a day and keep your house spotless. It not only lets you breathe the clean air of relief but also can welcome guests anytime at your home without any heavy work to cleaning the house.

How To Clean Your House In Less Than 30 Minutes?

1. Bedroom

Spend two minutes in mattress cleaning in the morning and making your bed. Also, within this time, make sure to put your clothes and stuff arranged at the defined place instead of letting them hang here and there.

2. Bathroom

It would take seven to ten minutes to clean the bathroom. Follow these tips:

  • Spray the cleaning solution on the toilet, sink, mirror, etc. Wipe down counters and cupboards while the cleaning solution is doing its job.
  • Take a clean microfiber cloth or paper towels and wipe the mirror, toilet seats, and other things on which you had sprayed the cleaning solution.
  • Wipe or swipe the lights in the bathroom to remove muck if there is any.
  • Clean the toilet bowl with a brush and then wipe the seat, tank, etc. to clean the toilet.

3. Living room

It will take approximately seven to ten minutes to clean the living room. Here are the tips to follow:

  • Take a duster or a microfiber mitt and quickly wipe all different items in the living room such as tables, chairs, showpieces, etc.
  • Take a dusting tool and quickly dust the curtains. Remember curtain cleaning is necessary to keep the beauty of the living room intact.
  • Take a lint brush and quickly run it over the carpet, rug, upholstery, and other stuff in the living room to remove the lint, hair, and similar dirt.
  • If your floor, upholstery, or curtain looks very dirty, then vacuum them quickly to remove all dirt and dust.
  • Once a week wash curtains to save time from curtain cleaning on a daily basis.

4. Kitchen

Get ready with not more ten minutes to clean the kitchen. Here are the steps you should follow:

  • Spray cleaning solution in the kitchen sink and let it do its work meanwhile you clean other parts in the kitchen.
  • Clean counters, fridge, microwave, and stovetop with wet wipes to spot clean each of them.
  • Kitchen walls and cabinets, often collect grime so daily wipe them with a wet towel or clean and wet cloth.
  • Take a broom and clean the kitchen or vacuum it to clean any food fallen on the floor.
  • Now wash and wipe the kitchen sink.

Along with this cleaning routine, keep some important tips in mind which are listed below:

  • Spot clean spills immediately to save efforts
  • Do not pile shoes, clothes, books, toys, etc. Keep everything tidy

Use cleaning services regularly to keep your house clean and fresh

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