4 Ultimate Drapery Cleaning Guide To Increase Lifespan

Drapery Cleaning Guide

draperys highlight the beauty of your house. They uplift the interior décor and bring life to the walls. A drapery is not just a piece of designer cloth but it serves multiple functions such as filtering the air and blocking dust and tiny pollutants from entering the house. On a sunny day, they allow the right amount of sun rays into the room, maintaining the room temperature. Selecting the best drapery for the room to suit your taste is important but maintaining them over a period of time is also vital. Here are some Ultimate Drapery Cleaning Guide To Increase Lifespan.

4 Ultimate Drapery Cleaning Guide

1) Cleaning Removes The Unwanted

The more you don’t clean your draperis, the more dust and bacteria they will accumulate. Unclean drapes are very likely to have moulds grown on them. If you are allergic to dust, you need to clean the drapes more often. Drapery cleaning guide can help you get rid of the moulds, pollen, dust, pet dander bacteria, and other allergens residing in the fabric. This will prevent health hazards especially respiratory diseases like a cough, frequent sneezing, sinus and asthma.

2) Increase The Lifespan of a Drapery

After investing a lot in a wonderful drapery, you want it to go a long way. Proper cleaning and maintenance will ensure the fabric quality and colour to remain intact. Multi-fabric curtains require a complex cleaning procedure. Proper care will ensure your money’s worth.

3) Clean Drapery Smells Good

Uncleaned drapery tend to have a bad odour as they trap the odour from the surroundings. Just smell your curtain and you will get the point. Indoor smoking, room fresheners, pets, heavy cooking, etc. are the major reasons for the bad smell of the curtains. You need to get rid of the odour by deep cleaning the curtains. Make sure you use safe products to avoid damaging the fabric.

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4) Cleaning makes them look new

This is a no-brainer. You will not like to have stained drapery, will you? With all the dust removed the actual colour and design pattern of the curtain will be highlighted. If your curtain is exposed to sunlight for a longer span of time, you need to gently wash them and hang them to dry to prevent discolouration.

Some drapes do not require washing but are supposed to be dry cleaned. So while getting your drapes cleaned you might need to seek expert help for the perfect cleaning method and best results according to the type of your fabric material.

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